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Appointment Card

Appointment Card

How many appointment card be put on one single appointment reminder card?

We have been creating multi-date appointment cards for quite some time, as this service is needed in many professions where you are seeing the patient multiple times a week, like physical therapy or chiropractic care.

The traditional blue/cyan card will have just one slot for an appointment, but this is not fixed in stone. There can be multiple slots on the appointment card, ranging from 2 to maybe up to 7 or 8 time slots. The maximum efficiency for this can be derived from making this a dual sided cards, where the front side has the medical or dental office name, address, phone/fax and canceled appointment policy info. This frees up the back side to place multiple appointment slots. We have found that 8 is really the maximum number of slots that you should place. Any more beyond that may create situation where the text is to small and readability and legibility may be compromised. We have found that 5 is the optimum amount.